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Wait...where is "HERE?"

Kneedler Fauchère is happy to announce the launch of our newsletter, HERE. HERE is geared toward you, the designer. It’s meant to explore fresh perspectives and points of view. From expert opinions to outsider observations, HERE will endeavor to offer a little perspective on our corner of the Interior Design industry. Because no matter what your style, background or level of expertise, as designers, we’re all HERE, in it together.

Within our posts, we’ll seek to inspire conversation, debate, enlightenment, education and give insiders further insight into how other designers are approaching the industry, what they’re experiencing and how they’re handling it. We’ll post relevant content wherever we find it - not just in stories that include celebrity clients.

We’ll be equally excited whether you agree or disagree with us on certain points. We want to foster conversation. This, HERE, is your community as much is it is ours. You’ll find content that speaks to designers. That lives in the trenches and shares the same experiences you do. We promise to strive to be evocative, inquisitive, and unafraid. And hopefully, in doing so we’ll create something of interest and value to you. Have ideas for future articles, posts or interviews? Send us a note on our contact page.

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Featured Articles

Interview: Inga Rehmann, Interior Design Director at Oz Architects

Inga Rehmann is the Interior Design Director at Oz Architects, an architecture and design studio based in Scottsdale AZ. Their recent venture is an LA pop-up/ concept shop with Oz’s Owner and Principal architect - Don Ziebell, OZ|SHOP.

Out of a Rut and Back in the Groove

If Creativity were an animal, it’d likely be a cat. One moment, kitty’s curled sweetly up in your lap, and the next, it’s a defiant ball of fluff and claw bent on your destruction. Editor’s note: Or, alternatively, one second Fido’s obediently bringing you the newspaper, and the next, methodically gnashing your favorite shoes to bits—if you’re a dog person. :)

In other words, Creativity is a fickle, complicated beast with a taste for betrayal.

Does Getting Published Get you More Jobs?

It’s only natural for us to want to be acknowledged for the hard work and the amazing spaces we create. And what better way to gain that acknowledgment and respect from peers than to get published in a printed/digital magazine, a heavily trafficked blog or even a coffee table book. What we’d like to know is…does this actually get you more business?

Look Closer

"Look Closer," is a mantra we’ve recently adopted. To remind us that even though we literally work in the business of aesthetics, the objects we work with, the people we encounter, the experiences we help create—all, always, deserve more than a surface-level look.  

It’s in this spirit that we want to invite you to please help us LOOK CLOSER at this community—our community. If you’re a designer, artist, craftsperson, or student of design, we want to give you an opportunity to be seen and heard in a community feature. Drop us a line on our contact page and tell us why the community should take a closer look in our next installment of KF: HERE which goes out to our entire subscribed list of people whom all want to LOOK CLOSER.