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At Kneedler Fauchere, we’re a lot of things. We’re dreamers and napkin doodlers and tinkerers and space improvers—but above all, we're believers. 

We believe in the power of design and the designer.

And we’ve flown that flag proudly since the late 1940s. Today, we stand for the same love and passion for the interior design industry that drove our founders all those decades ago. Come see us in our showrooms for a coffee and a chat, or join our online community for lively discussion and maybe a few new friends.

Latest From Here

Salone Del Mobile — The Recap

Every spring, the Salone del Mobile furniture fair attracts hundreds of thousands of design-minded humans from all over the world to the small town of Rho, just outside Milan. With nearly half-a-million in attendance, this April’s event was no different (or less sweaty). But as almost anyone in attendance will attest, packed piazzas and agonizingly slow Ubers are a small price to pay for the awe-inspiring creativity found not only at the fair in Rho, but in the countless galleries, showrooms, and installations that turned the crowded streets of Milan into a visual buffet of awesome. We asked designers David Dalton (Los Angeles), Natasha Baradaran (Los Angeles), Stephanie Hunt (Park City), and Eva Muller Bradley & Alicia Cheung Lichtenstine (San Francisco) to share their experiences with us.

Denver’s New Digs

Shout out to our Denver showroom on moving out of their old location and into the 21st century! Now located in the main entrance of the beautiful Denver Design Center, the new showroom is brimming with natural light and fresh vibes. Greatest transformation since toast found avocado. Mile-High five!

Interview: Inga Rehmann, Interior Design Director at Oz Architects

Inga Rehmann is the Interior Design Director at Oz Architects, an architecture and design studio based in Scottsdale AZ. Their recent venture is an LA pop-up/ concept shop with Oz’s Owner and Principal architect - Don Ziebell, OZ|SHOP.

Out of a Rut and Back in the Groove

If Creativity were an animal, it’d likely be a cat. One moment, kitty’s curled sweetly up in your lap, and the next, it’s a defiant ball of fluff and claw bent on your destruction. Editor’s note: Or, alternatively, one second Fido’s obediently bringing you the newspaper, and the next, methodically gnashing your favorite shoes to bits—if you’re a dog person. :)

In other words, Creativity is a fickle, complicated beast with a taste for betrayal.

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Style is everything to a designer—we’re here to support that.

Designers deliver aesthetic solutions to clients through the lens of their own style. We at Kneedler Fauchere exist to support this process however we can. And although we can’t be everything to everyone, we partner and represent suppliers operating at the apex of the interiors industry, while anticipating the needs of the modern designer.